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About Us

The Jaltek Group employs over 150 employees across 7 group companies and is a leading technology solutions organisation. Operating across the globe, Jaltek provides a comprehensive range of vertically integrated technology services and product solutions:

HAL-Locate – consumer telematics & tracking devices

Iris - Advanced remote asset tracking, Vehicle monitoring and Data acquisition telemetry solutions

Wavesight – Outdoor wireless and fibre communications solutions for data, voice and video

Jaltek Systems – Integrated electronic design and manufacturing solutions

Hidalgo – Design consultancy services and medical systems

ALLe Technologies – Software design, development and validation services

The Jaltek Group has a background of investing in, or acquiring product solutions businesses. These stand alone entities are providing innovative wireless solutions to a growing international market.


Ultralow power consumption maximising leisure battery life.
Integral rechargeable backup battery – so you don't have to worry if your leisure battery fails or is disconnected.
Advanced twin geo-fence protection zones.
Secure operating centre provides a priority Police response and vehicle recovery in over 40 countries.
Very compact, easy to install, hard to detect.
Up to 25% insurance discounts available through leading insurers.
Arm and Dis-Arm HAL-Locate via mobile phone
Ability to check leisure battery charge status via mobile phone.
System automatically arms if vehicle is left stationary for approximately 2hours.
Advanced antenna technology and supersensitive GPS receiver.