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HAL Locate (Thatcham™ Cat 6) is the chosen partner for UK caravan and leisure vehicle manufacturers.


Following the launch of the Category 6 standard for 'stolen vehicle tracking systems' by Thatcham, the 'motor insurance repair research centre', HAL Locate strove to be the first manufacturer to achieve the new rating.

HAL Locate has developed strong partnerships over the years with two of the UK's largest manufacturers of caravans and motorhomes, Swift and Auto-Sleepers. Knowing that customers of these manufacturers expect their purchase to meet the highest possible standards, HAL Locate was approached to redevelop their existing system to achieve the latest standard in time for the launch of the new seasons range.

The system developed, the HAL1000, was not only the first to be accredited as a Category 6 device by Thatcham, but additionally led to Swift winning the year's Caravan Safety and Security Award, for having the system installed.

The Problem

When a caravan or motorhome is purchased, the owner wants to know that their new home-from-home will not be stolen from them resulting in the loss of a significant investment, and potentially irreplaceable personal possessions.

If the worst should happen a tracker device can ensure the caravan or motorhome is returned to the rightful owner rapidly and hopefully before anyone has had the opportunity to use or abuse it.

Owners fearing total loss want to ensure the tracker installed meets the highest possible standard, as do the insurance companies. Thatcham work in partnership with insurers in setting the standards for security solutions, and therefore the Thatcham marque has come to represent the benchmark for security products in the automotive industry.

Due to this, when Thatcham launch a new standard it is down to security solution manufacturers to update their products to the meet that standard if they are to achieve accreditation, keep their clients, and widen their customer base.

The Opportunity

Swift and Auto-Sleepers, as major manufacturers within the caravan and motorhome market wanted to be able to sell their products with preinstalled tracker units, so as to give their customer's piece of mind with regards the security of their investment.

HAL Locate was approached because of their proven expertise in developing vehicle tracking solutions within the leisure vehicle market, and their previous development of successful after-market tracker products.
If the new Thatcham specification could be met, then HAL Locate would find themselves in a stronger position in the market through having accreditation, and the recognition which results from it. Furthermore the relationship with the manufacturers would be strengthened.

The Challenges

To develop an existing product beyond its current capabilities, whilst maintaining its reliability.

To set and achieve a tight deadline in order to have the first approved product to market.

To maintain and build the relationships with Swift and Auto-Sleepers.

To provide a cost effective solution to attract new customers.

The Solution

The HAL1000 unit is professionally fitted in a concealed location within the caravan or motorhome, and uses satellite positioning (GPS) and mobile phone (GSM) technology to remotely report a vehicles current position and status. In the event that the vehicle is taken without the owner's consent, the unit will automatically contact the secure operating centre, who in turn will contact the owner, and liaise with the police over the vehicles retrieval.
The control centre, which is an integral part of the solution is police approved and is operated 24hrs a day 7 days a week. Furthermore the centre has police liaison and vehicle recovery in over 40 countries, to ensure the owner is covered whilst abroad.

In order to make the system more user friendly the solution makes use of an advanced geo-fence security system, this allows the caravan or motorhome to be moved a short distance (<200m) without triggering the tracker.

Should the vehicle be moved beyond the inner geo-fence, a text will automatically be sent to the owner to inform them of the movement. The existence of the inner geo-fence can help prevent false alarms when the owner has forgotten to disarm the device.

Assuming the vehicle has been taken without the owner's consent, then as it passes beyond the outer geo-fence, the control centre will be automatically contacted, and they will seek conformation that the vehicle has indeed been stolen.

The device has ultra-low power consumption so as to maximise battery life, and additionally recharges when hooked up.

The Results

Increased chance of recovery
Information from the system can guide the police to the missing vehicle rapidly.

Lower insurance premiums
Having the HAL1000 fitted to a vehicle can reduce premiums by up to 25%.

A solid deterrent
Professional thieves will avoid models known to have trackers fitted as standard.

100% success rate
To date, all vehicles fitted with the HAL1000 which have been stolen have been recovered.

Piece of mind
Knowing that you will get your property back if stolen.

Furthermore for Swift and Auto-Sleepers, they are able to market a secure product, helping to boost sales and thus revenue, as well as earning repeat business from customers who have had to call on the solution and had their property returned.

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The Future
HAL Locate will continue to manufacture products to the highest possible standard, and as new levels of accreditation benchmarks are created, they will strive to once again be the first manufacturer to have their product appear on the accredited list.

"HAL-Locate is worth its weight in gold."
Mrs G Kenyon

"A BIG THANK YOU to all at HAL-Locate."

"Thank you for the very prompt and helpful service."
Mr C McCloud