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What is Cloud Locate

Tracking your vehicle in real time has never been easier. By using our Cloud based GPS solution, you will easily be able to access real time data which is delivered right to your computer via Internet. This means that not only is the information highly accurate and reliable, but is easily available 24/7, from any part of the world.

When our GPS device is installed in your vehicle, an information exchange takes place between the device and the Global Positioning satellites. This leads to obtaining the exact location and other monitored information like speed, stops, engine on and off events, etc.

The GPS then transmits this information to our data center in real-time, which is then recorded in the database.

This means that not only do you have a complete history of the vehicle stored in the database, but the full array of updated information including location, route, speed, etc. is accessible on demand.

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Mr N Lodge

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Mr I Ingham

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Mr D Shepherd