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Insurance Discounts

By fitting HAL-Locate tracker to your leisure vehicle you may be able to take advantage of a special discount on your annual insurance premium.

If your insurance company does not provide a discount for fitting a Thatcham approved tracking device please let us know. We are constantly looking for new insurance companies to add to our list.

Caravan Guard offer a 15% caravan insurance discount and a 25% motorhome insurance discount when you fit the HAL-Locate tracking system.

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Safeguard offer premium discounts up to 25% if your caravan or motorhome is fitted with HAL-Locate

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Motorhome Insurer of the Year 2011, Comfort Insurance offer a discount of up to 7.5% on motorhomes and caravans fitted with HAL-Locate. Comfort Insurance is a specialist motorhome insurer and offers very competitively priced insurance.

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Park Home Insurance Services offer up to 5% discount if your caravan or motorhome is fitted with a HAL-Locate GPS tracking system.

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Hal-Locate is a trading name of Wavesight Holdings Ltd which is an introducer appointed representative of Caravan Guard Limited. Caravan Guard Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Ultralow power consumption maximising leisure battery life.
Integral rechargeable backup battery – so you don't have to worry if your leisure battery fails or is disconnected.
Advanced twin geo-fence protection zones.
Secure operating centre provides a priority Police response and vehicle recovery in over 40 countries.
Very compact, easy to install, hard to detect.
Up to 25% insurance discounts available through leading insurers.
Arm and Dis-Arm HAL-Locate via mobile phone
Ability to check leisure battery charge status via mobile phone.
System automatically arms if vehicle is left stationary for approximately 2hours.
Advanced antenna technology and supersensitive GPS receiver.