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Why Hal Fleet?

Our cloud based fleet tracking software allows you to monitor your fleet form any pc or internet enabled device with a web browser.

Very simple to use with little or no training required

Instantly accusable/ live updates by the minute/ dramatically cut your fuel bills /full technical support

Our highly skilled team of installers will install one of our units into each of your vehicles and this will communicate directly  with our online portal every 60 seconds this information can then be accessed by yourself using a secure log in and password.

Check the use of your vehicles during non working hours

Protect your fleet against theft

Boost profits

Cut unnecessary journeys

Minimize Fuel Costs

Covert installation

Once installed the unit is undetectable without major disassembly of the vehicle

If the vehicle is tampered with it will switch to its internal battery and notify you with a warning message and switch to its own internal battery and continue to function for 24 hours

We have a numerous pricing options to meet your every need


"Thanks for your fantastic response – both immediate and answering all my questions (that just never happens these days). I really appreciate it ."
Mr N Lodge

"May I take this opportunity of thanking you for your prompt actions."
Mr I Ingham

"HAL-Locate is the best tracker I've ever had!. "
Mr D Shepherd